SARI SCHORR — Live in London

We have previously written about New York based blues-singer SARI SCHORR who has a voice we’ve described as “a mixture of controlled burning and ever-accumulating passion…” so it was a distinct pleasure to see her play this week at the newly renovated music venue of the famous Borderline, in London.

Thanks y’all…” she drawled huskily, “I feel at home here —

Well, we were glad she felt so comfortable because, to be honest, we were still getting used to the fresh-paint and even surfaces. Not to mention the ostentatious atmosphere… with fresh poodle-salon looks and the “Star Trek” corridor to the loos…

Photo Credit : Eric Duvet

Bang on time, Innes Sibun [guitar] had taken to the stage with the other “Engine Room” musicians to launch those honey mustard guitar lines and work his magic on ‘Ain’t Got No Money.’

Though, frankly, we couldn’t properly hear Sari’s singing voice on this concert opener. Luckily the sound was regulated, though the guitar remained a little too prominent. Normally this would be a whiz-banger of a song, but it felt a soggy around the edges.

The music industry is often a game of “cat ‘n’ mouse” and singers need to “look out and look ahead…” And by the time her tell-all song arrived the sound problems had been sorted and the band were properly limbered up. The rhythms on this song rattled joyfully while Innes provided some liberalizing shimmies.

What could be better than a Led Zeppelin cover? We enjoyed the simply spontaneous twelve-bar blues jamster “Rock n Roll” and thought that Sari’s distinctively smoky ‘n’ smouldering voice was like pine tar and whiskey — while the guitar cut loose ribbons in the air.

Sari thanked her fans “I recognize many of you — ” they had been with her from the very beginning of her career. Recently she had been working with the legendary producer Mike Vernon (Fleetwood Mac, John Mayall) and last year she released Lead Belly’s song “Black Betty.”

The version played in London had a dusty start and a bustling attitude. In amongst the snap-beans of rhythm came pure hot salvation from that redemptive guitar.

This concert was as hot as paprika smoke. With intense excitement & eager enthusiasm in each fresh blues moment.

A memorable night.

Words @neilmach 2017 ©
Main Picture: Photo Credit John Bull

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