SARI SCHORR — Her Stunning Album “A Force of Nature” is Reviewed Here

We have already written about the smoky blues singer SARI SCHORR and compared her torrid, soul-filled and and distinctly inventive vocals with the greats like Etta James & Ella Fitzgerald.

So we are pleased to review her incredible new album, out this autumn, titled “A Force of Nature.”

The debut album from the New York Blues Hall of Fame singer features contributions from Innes Sibun, Walter Trout and Oli Brown.

Force of Nature - delivered with radiant energy ...
Force of Nature – delivered with radiant energy …

The album screams into life with honey-dripping lemon zest guitar work by Innes Sibun on ‘Ain’t Got No Money.’

The song is about the greed of Wall Street [and the City?] and the many-hued voice promenades itself with the same arrogance that the moneyed bankers seem to junk. Yes, this song takes the listener by the scruff of the neck and shows him or her what-is-what.

Sari’s intonation on this track is suitably sneering and nasally, delivered with radiant energy yet there’s no wasted heat. A terrific opening.

Those of you ‘in the know’ might recognise that ‘Aunt Hazel‘ is street-slang for heroin. So this is a song of liberation and a reverent homage to a good lady who could not beat the fix…

I’m in trouble…” she announces. This song is filled with tension and traction. The guitars, by Oli Brown, add the temptation and excitement of the drug, but on another level,  we gradually re-live the daily stress and unbelievable compression that each user must deal with. The ambitious net force of Sari’s vocals on this giant track is incredible!

On ‘Cat And Mouse‘ Sari tells her personal story of working with less dynamic producers and being lied to in the course of working her biz.

Sari's voice is a mixture of controlled burning and ever-accumulating passion... Photo Credit - Rob Blackham
Sari’s voice is a mixture of controlled burning and ever-accumulating passion… Photo Credit – Rob Blackham

Yep! The music industry is often a game of cat ‘n’ mouse and singers need to “look out and look ahead…” The rhythms on this track rattle their pleasurable thing with appropriately liberating shimmies: Bass is by Nani Conde and drums by Jose Mena plus there’s some excellent percussion from Mike Vernon himself.

A slippery organ sound by Julian Maeso reminds us how super-slick her ex-producer thought he was. Ultimately, though, Schorr cut her life-lines with the corrupt side of things and left the bad and the sad behind her… Innes’ guitar cuts through that slack.

Work No More” is Trout’s song about the wonderful lady: Irene. This might be a touching lament when sung by Schorr. But it’s no dirge. In fact it’s a celebration of life and a reflection on the generosity of the lady. Ultimately — this is a song about blessed relief.

As expected, Walter Trout’s guitar-work is sublime … filled with exuberant liturgical colours and flashy paraments.

Sari Schorr presents us with some timeless material on this album…

This confirms to her existing fans and her many new followers that she is definitely a force of nature

Her voice is a mixture of controlled burning and ever-accumulating passion.

Very highly recommended.
Words: Neil Mach 2016 ©
Main Image: Photo Credit – John Bull

Sari’s stunning new album is out on Manhaton Records Sept 2nd
Produced by Mike Vernon
Special Guests: Innes Sibun, Walter Trout and Oli Brown
A Brand New Music Production


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