THEA & THE WILD — Dark Horse

Oslo alt/pop & indie/rock artist Thea Glenton Raknes aka THEA & THE WILD [the band comprises of Kamilla Waal, Jørgen Apeness, Filip Roshauw] have released their jangly new single ‘Dark Horse’ [shared below] and its a chopsticks rattle-party about the tug-of-war nature of love… with sheer voice and jiggy beats.

Jangly new single-

I like the way the song has surprises all the way, it really reflects the lyrics...” Thea says.

The rhythms and Arabic-sounding licks are inspired by the music I used to listen to at my secondary school, which was very multicultural. The majority of my classmates were of non-Norwegian descent, and we would often spend our lunch breaks dancing to a variety of Middle Eastern music.”

The release heralds the release of a sophmore album later this year.

It will follow the Norwegian Grammy-nominated LP ‘Strangers and Lovers

Photo: fotograf julia naglestad


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