SHINOBI NINJA from Brooklyn, New York is a rock band famous for its high energy shows and eclectic sound mix.

They make use of two lead singers and step voluntarily through musical genres. They create Hip-Hop / Metal / Punk concoctions and have a strong DIY ethic.

Bless Up – Shinobi Ninja

Their fourth album entitled “Bless Up” was released last month.

The band came together in Manhattan around 2008 after the break-up of another band, and the guys met singer Baby G (who was a professional dancer at that time) at Progressive Music studios.

In 2010 they created an innovative “Shinobi Ninja Attacks” game app — Nintendo-style video game for Apple devices.

Their hit song Rock Hood from the album of the same name was featured in the popular video game NBA 2012.

We’ve been listening to the soft, melodic and wonderfully orchestrated “Dancing in the Crowd” taken from the new album with a vocal backing “La-la-la” that reminds us of English singer-Dido.

There is a latent darkness to this number that suggests that we — all of us —might be on the verge of catastrophe… Even though we’re “dancing in a crowd.”

However — the song retains a sweet and dignified innocence — although it is always a sophisticated and splendidly motivating experience…

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