THOMAS WYNN & THE BELIEVERS new album “Wade Waist Deep” is to be released May 19th.

Thomas and Olivia Wynn

The Orlando-based sibling-led band have already issued a video for “Man Out Of Time” — the opening track from the album — which we described recently as a mesmerizing blues number that is “relentless, ritualistic and haunting…

The Florida-based soulful southern rock n’ blues six-piece is based around Thomas Wynn’s spirited vocals, fiery lyrics, and charged delivery… and these are unambiguously corroborated by his sister Olivia’s strong vocals. They create, together, what they call “blood-harmonies.”

We had a listen:

Man Out Of Time” creeps up like a crow-hop and hypnotizes the listener with pow-wow drums and the kind of imagery that alters minds and leads to vision quests. This is a pleasure for art-rock lovers and especially fans of Fleetwood Mac’s Tusk.

Wade Waist Deep – Thomas Wynn and The Believers

Wade Waist Deep” [listen, below] is one for fans of blues-oriented heartland rock ‘n’ roll and especially reminiscent of Tom Petty. This number has a swaying swing to it and a bunch of hurl-and-catch rhythms. The diligent instrumentation and the amazing production means this is passion-pit bliss.

Heartbreak Alley” is a country-dark but generous number with  liberally bestowed voices, an all-conquering Hammond organ plus a bunch of glorified guitars. This is cinematic in ambition — and complex enough to wow! your heels off — without becoming disconcerting. In fact, this is completely magical.

I Don’t Regret” seems clamorous and delicate in comparison. With anguished voices and lots of energetic zeal. This song reminds us of the raw Delta-blues produced by Brits Kill It Kid and especially during their “Feet Fall Heavy” phase.

WADE WAIST DEEP is released May 19th via Mascot Records/Mascot Label Group

Words: @neilmach 2017 ©

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