EIVØR — In My Shoes

EIVØR is a vocalist, instrumentalist and composer from Syðrugøta on the Faroe Islands. From folkloric beginnings she moves adeptly through jazz, country folk, classical, and into tinted trip-hop rock territory.

Eivør is now based in Denmark. Her music covers a wide range of musical moods, with themes of love, loss, memory, freedom and nature being favourites.

Eivør – a wild capricious voice…

Her wild capricious voice can​ be heard on the ​new series of “The Last KingdomNetflix/BBC ( co-written with Ivor Novello nominee John Lunn)​ and her music has also been featured on trailers for ‘Game of Thrones.’

In My Shoes’ is the latest track from her new album ‘Slør’ — out May 26th.

She made her tribal sounding debut on ‘Later With Jools Holland’ this week [see below]

Eivør says; “I remember when we recorded this track it took us forever to get the tempo just right, which is ironic given the song is about finding your way in life in your own tempo and in your own way...”

We had a listen to the single:

Firefly guitar and pronging drums with diminutive jingles help motivate this supernatural song filled with sour-cream vocalettes of celestial squeakiness.

One for fans of Kate Bush

Link: https://www.facebook.com/eivormusic/

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