VOODOO VEGAS — Sleeping In The Rain

In the past we have described the pump dragon vocals from Brit Rockers VOODOO VEGAS as “filled with intensity…” and have we enjoyed those propelling drums and a fizz that’s almost punk in terms of speed and vehemence…

We were lucky enough to see the band play live this year at Winter’s End. We describe their show as “million volt hypervirility…

Voodoo Vegas – irascible yet soulful vocals implore against ignorance and prejudice…

Now they have released ‘Sleeping in the Rain’ that’s a little less louder but no less important. It’s an acoustic single designed to raise awareness about the national scandal that is rough sleeping and to help Crisis fight homelessness.

Sleeping in the Rain is a very personal song for me,” explains frontman Lawrence Case, “Playing shows in different towns and cities around the UK, I’ve noticed that many of the streets are full of rough sleepers. I’ve read a lot of articles on homelessness and often will help out rough sleepers by buying them food and trying to help them get into a shelter for the night.”

I think it really sucks how in city centres around the UK hundreds of people can walk past a homeless man/woman and not offer to buy them a drink or a sandwich or even say hello. This is where the idea for the lyrics come from.

We had a listen to Sleeping In The Rain, which will be the third single from the album “Freak Show Candy Floss

A single-minded riff is set up by guitar while irascible yet soulful vocals implore against ignorance and prejudice…

Voodoo Vegas announce they will be going back out on the road – on a 4-date Holland tour, with the legendary Y&T [other dates below video]

For information on Crisis and their work fighting homelessness, see https://www.crisis.org.uk/

06/05/2017 – WOLVERHAMPTON,Slade Rooms
13/05/2017 – BOURNEMOUTH, The Cellar Bar
23/06 /2017 – NEUWIED, Bootshaus an der Rheinbrücke
24/06/2017 – MANSLAGHT, Let The Bad Time Roll Festival
25/06/2017 – CAMBRAI, Salle Des Feters
08/07/2017 – TARTUMAA, Amme Rock Festival
13/07/2017 – DOVER, The Priory
14/07/2017 – VOLMERANGE LES MINES, No Man’s Land
15/07/2017 – SCNAITTACH, Rock Am Rothenburg Festival
01/08/2017 – MONMOUTH, Monmouth Festival
02/09/2017 – BASINGSTOKE,The Sanctuary
08/09/2017 – GAVLE, CC Puben
09/09/2017 – STOCKHOLM, Bryggarsalen
23/09/2017 – LONDON,Boston Music Room
30/09/2017 – EVESHAM, Iron Road
06/10/2017 – TROWBRIDGE, Fire And Forge Festival
17/10/2017 – HENGELO,Poppodium Metropool (Y&T Tour)
19/10/2017 – GE DE NOBEL,Leiden (Y&T Tour)
20/10/2017 – ALKMAAR,Podium Victorie (Y&T Tour)
21/10/2017 – HELMOND,De Cacaofabriek (Y&T Tour)

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