No doubt about it, she’s cute …” we hear a girl say to her boyfriend when C.C. tipsy-tiptoes onto stage at the beautifully renovated Borderline venue in central London last night.

C.C. — “No doubt about it, she’s cute …”
Photo Credit:
@neilmach 2017 ©

We are there to see LITTLE HURRICANE.

It’s the first visit to London by the San Diego blues duo in just over 2 years and fans are thrilled to see the talented couple.

Unusually, for a raw-blues concert such as this, the place is filled with couples and soulmates. And that’s maybe because this musical project is based on romance. It’s a craigslist love story. People like to plug into that vibe.

The story goes that guitarist and lead vocalist “Tone” Catalano was looking to form a band in 2010 and he knew he needed a drummer first.

He saw an advert posted by little drummer-girl “C.C.” Spina who also searched for band experience and they proposed to meet and form of a musical relationship.

They were quick to realize they didn’t need any other musicians… they worked fine as a duo. They grew close. And closer still. They got married last summer.

Since uniting, their songs have appeared in episodes of Gossip Girl and regularly on TV in the ads for Taco Bell.

Little Hurricane – temperamental intensity
Photo Credit:
@neilmach 2017 ©

A few weeks ago they released their third studio album “Same Sun Same Moon” through Mascot Label Group. It is a set of observations made from a newly married perspective — as the first single “OTL” [one true love] suggests.

The lead song “Same Sun Same Moon” is a jar of rainbow squelches with irregular drum patterns. The vocal from Tone is wholehearted and anxious.

There is depth and angularity in songs like “Bad Business” and regular fiery motifs in songs like “It’s Not Great” [our favourite] with fat, sloppy vocals filled with temperamental intensity that never resort to arrogance or bullying.

The guitar work is, of course, sublime. Tone is so meticulous in his musicality — so cool-headed — that we never understand how he creates such sophisticated layers of sound and/or routinely changes rhythm and attitude. We wow! in the complexity without actually seeing how he achieves his slight of hand. Yep, he’s a genuine guitar wizard.

And that is the essence of what they do… this is balanced capability… sleek and elegant even, though it’s raw to the bone

Above all, they do it for love… love for each other and love for the music they perform.

Words & Images: @neilmach 2017 ©

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