DERANGE — Live in Reading

Those totally exciting London-based heavy rockers DERANGE played a show this week at the fabulous FACE BAR venue in Reading, UK this week.

We went to see …

Cat Pereira [vocals] – sometimes sweet, though never saccharined…
The outfit — centred around Cat Pereira on vocals — and with Nick Crosby, Joe Macpherson and Warren de Melo, performed some thrilling numbers from their superlative debut album titled “The Awakening.”

Songs such as “This Is the End” were often complicated structures that brimmed with depth and fizzing soul.

Cat’s voice was gratifyingly confident — sometimes sweet, though never saccharined — always strict enough to mean business. And that’s the magic of Derange — they control such mesmerizing drawer power.

Echo” was a feast of caressed carcasses and cheerful rages with guitar flicks, and bursts of quixotic energy from the rhythm section. Plus the kind of pensive and phantasmal chorus that undoubtedly causes moist dreams in most metaller’s beds.

This was an exhortation of anger, aggression, and conviction wrapped neat into a progressive and dynamic nu-metal format with some beautiful adornments.

We saw Derange in concert with Her Despair and Kill For Company at the Face Bar, Reading, Berks.

Words & Pictures : @neilmach 2017 ©


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