Swedish singer-songwriter pop/folk duo SMITH AND THELL incorporating Maria Jane & Victor from Helsingborg, Sweden have released their bluegrass-inspired new single “Toast” alongside debut album “Soulprints.”

Soulprints – Smith & Thell

The pair have surfaced as two of the most promising new songwriters and producers to come out of Sweden during the last year or so.

Toast” is an wholesome exhortation to all aspects of life — driven by a super-abundance of hand-claps and cheery vocals.

It’s a single that’s quite personal, an ongoing theme with Smith & Thell — with Maria singing the first verse to her mother about how she must be able to experience joy despite the grief she had to live with throughout her life. The second verse is about Victor’s father leaving the family when Victor he only a few years old.

We had a listen:

The cheerful and lively beats work positively with the cock-a-hoop vocals that remain guilt-free and bewitching.

The sultry arrangement takes trhe song to another level of polished elegance. Very fine work indeed.


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