KILL FOR EDEN — Petty Crimes

KILL FOR EDEN are a London UK based classic hard rock outfit famed for their radio ready riffs and boasting powerful female vocals from Lyla D’Souza and with Dave Garfield Bown [Guitar] Wally Miroshnikov [Drums] and Julian Palmer [Bass.]

Petty Crimes – Kill for Eden

The quartet have already released two blistering EPs and a thrilling self-titled album and their 2017 second studio album, Petty Crimes presents two singles, Love You So and Woke Up Alone.

Kill For Eden’s new album Petty Crimes is out now.

We listened to Woke Up Alone, a song inspired by a companion who got unceremoniously dumped by SMS.

This song has a thick rubbery chewing gum bass, and with a world-weary & slightly goth-punk sneer-filled voice itreminded us of Siobhan Fahey at her best.

The ever-building musicianship ethically creates a passionate and intense experience.




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