EAT THE EVIDENCE — Fruit Of The Loot

London ska artists EAT THE EVIDENCE have released a uproariously cheeky acknowledgement of the institutionalised British villainy of the Empire delivered in their hydro-skank style.

Eat The Evidence – a fruity twisting dance with Jay-Bird rhythms…

It’s from their upcoming album, “Sex, Drugs, & Wishy-Washy Politics” that was produced by Sam Duckworth, of Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly fame.

The new track is called “Fruit Of The Loot.”

This song is about how other countries can’t be trusted at looking after their own belongings. What better way to express this than using a slide whistle and swear words...” they tell us.

It’s a sarcastic account of the aesthetic accoutrements gained from the thievery of the British Empire set to their exorbitantly assaultive supercharged-ska.

We had a listen:

It’s a fruity, twisting dance with Jay-Bird rhythms and Lindy Hop aspirations.

And if you like hot jazz combined with swinging ska that taps into the Charleston era yet has a tonge-in-cheek political message then it’s probably for you.





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