Hot from her appearance at this years Great Escape in Brighton the South London vocalist, songwriter and producer MICHELLE O FAITH has been punting her acoustic version of the second single “Lemonade” [full electric video shared below] from her EP “Birthday Blues.”  The new video was filmed by Liam Robos-Murray with guitar-work by Michael Watts.

Michelle O Faith – obsessed with distinctly spaced-out guys, solitary souls, love, hate, sex…

Her songs are often dark-tinged and seem obsessed with distinctly spaced-out guys, solitary souls, love, hate, sex, and all the in-betweens.

Her cinematic “Birthday Blues” has a huge voice, exciting percussion and a complex and elegant sound structure. Florence and The Machine and Lana Del Rey are clear influences.

Michelle is a classically educated singer [Blackheath Conservatoire of the Arts] and trained pianist too… and the topics of her songs tend to connect with citified triflings in a way that’s not often heard. Touchy without being aggressive.

Imagine the cocky fey of Lily Allen combined with Michaela Coel’s fanciful poetic cheekiness to get an idea.

Link: https://www.facebook.com/michelleofaithofficial/




  1. Mary E

    Citrified Trifling’s…a very insightful take and lends a deeper understanding of the Artiste’s Lyric , especially for Lemonade. Puts the narrative, even if perhaps coincidentally so, in a befittingly literal perspective that duly highlights the at times caustic nature of romantic dalliances….And if one must say, there is a kind of primodial bittersweet ache that wells up within the heart, it is reassuringly human pain to one… Lyrics found in Lemonade citified or not boldly encompass the inevitable romantic triflings one is sure to encounter, expose the raw vulnerability and roulette nature of love, life …thus mapping momentarily with incisive pain our joint humanity, The title track of the EP Birthday Blues, which as you highlight, has an interesting percussion and vocal arrangement is as well a dark tinged soul expose, a journey in pain , it is tactile, raw, again ever so familiar to all who have pondered life’s purpose, the familiar moments of doubt and reckoning are made fresh, palpable like a second skin . The piece

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