GRAPE AND THE GRAIN — Holy Rollin Video

1970s-style NEW YORK based psych-blues / rock ‘n roll act THE GRAPE AND THE GRAIN have issued a nostalgic video for their song “Holy Rollin” — view it below.

The music video was directed and edited by the bands drummer Steven Markota who says that the concept and style was inspired by the BBC’s Old Grey Whistle Test —

Grape & Grain – sliding glissandos, reeky bass-lines…

We set up a green screen in our practice space and filmed everyone’s individual performance a few times, loaded the files into the computer, and started poking around at ideas...” Markota tells us.

I love all the Old Grey Whistle Test and the old Rockpalast videos and you always see some bootleg green screen effects. That was my inspiration for Holy Rollin’. No storyline, no gimmick, just rock and roll...”

The song is the title track from the bands recent full-length album of the same name, released last year via Boneshaker Records.

It’s a chromatic sensation, filled with fingerboard presses, sliding glissandos, reeky bass-lines and oscitant vocals.





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