BLACK COUNTRY COMMUNION release their new single “Collide” this week.

BCCIV – Black Country Communion

Collide” is the first single to be taken from BCC’s fourth studio album “BCCIV” – to be released on Friday 22nd September via Mascot Records

Black Country Communion features Joe Bonamassa (guitar, vocals), Glenn Hughes (bass, vocals), Jason Bonham (drums, percussion) and Derek Sherinian (keyboards).  The new single and BCC album is produced by Kevin Shirley.

We had an early listen:

Although, at first, this sounds like another rocky psychedelic blues jam, roughly-hewn in a studio — with a slow but proud riff — there is another dimension altogether once you get into the the lay of the land

In fact it soon this becomes a whirling forge of mysterious Celtic mists and melodious flavors, as pipe-sounds trickle in and rhythms are leavened against a burning vocal apex that is more passionate than you can possibly imagine… though never too dramatic — just masterfully-controlled and intense.

When the authentic blues-root guitar is added — Joe’s solo blurts and bubbles as if the whole piece is a molten caldera — you realize that what you have in “Collide” is a piece of classic rock that would not be out of place on Led Zeppelin IV.


Words: @neilmach 2017 ©

Main Picture Credit: Neil Zlozower



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