SANGUINE — Breathe Out

SANGUINE release new video “Breathe Out” featuring Jesper Strömblad today 8th August —
The new video premiered on METAL AS RELIGION and is shared below

It’s been an exciting year for Exeter, Devonshire (UK) rock and alt metal band SANGUINE since releasing their first studio album, Black Sheep in 2016, produced and mixed by the Swedish genius Daniel Flores, mastered by Mats Lindfors, and that included a collaboration on two tracks with In Flames guitarist Jesper Strömblad.

SANGUINE – filling places throughout the UK and in Europe and motivating audiences with their perceptive brand of rock ‘n’ metal…

METAL AS RELIGION described the record as “a phenomenal alt-rock album. Demonstrating contradictory styles… from mellow orchestrations to full blown metal crescendos…

Since the release of Black Sheep SANGUINE has visited several countries around the world with a number of celebrated artists including Fear Factory, Hellyah, Skindred and MushroomHead, to name a few, filling places throughout the UK and in Europe and motivating audiences with their perceptive brand of rock ‘n’ metal and their famous high-energy performances.

Now SANGUINE, with Strömblad once again, delivers the powerful “Breathe Out” a huge number that focuses on the extraordinary vocal range of SANGUINE front-woman Tarin Kerrey.

Black Sheep – Sanguine – impressive, exquisite and subtle…

Tarin’s voice has become well-known and sought-after having gained recognition both with Sanguine and also on her guest appearances on the solo project of Adrian Smith’s Primal Rock Rebellion.

Breathe Out” shows just how impressive, exquisite and subtle her voice can be.

Shot on Ibiza by Carl Shanahan, the video sees Tarin crossing the empty Spanish streets gradually throwing away her belongings as she goes. The music guides her on this journey with Jesper’s beautiful guitar and a stirring string arrangement from producer Daniel Flores.

With more tours promised soon, a pile of new fans and new material on the horizon it seems SANGUINE is about to fly clear of the others…







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