TAROT RATS — Announce EP + Tour

The Kent, UK hard-blues act TAROT RATS performs with a mission: To write, record and play the music they love — vintage soul, rock, and blues.

The band’s sound has evolved to explore the voice of singer Tim (Steel) Hill, a man blessed with a voice beyond his tender years. It has, justifiably, become the focal point of their recent writing sessions.

Tarot Rats – The band’s sound has evolved to explore the voice of singer Tim…

With their exclusive assortment of blues-rock numbers the Rats offer a mix of overlapping riffs combined with rhythmic, stripped-down & often cathartic melodies.

The Tarot Rats have now announced their new EP 3.0, to be released on September 22ND 2017.

Continuing to look for authenticity, the band recorded live on 2″tape: a deliberate choice to capture the classic rock and blues-era sound. “We recorded it live to show what to expect when you come to a Rats’ gig...” explained guitarist Christ Sansom, “We often get asked what we sound like live. Grab an EP and see for yourself!

The first track from the new release has a truly classic edge and gets driven hard: ‘War Begins in the Minds of Men‘ is now a staple in the Tarot Rats’ set.

The band has never been ashamed to wear their hearts on the sleeves and the new EP is adorned with a rich marrow of influences that range from early rock of the 60s to epic modernity such as MUSE . Stand-alone heroes like Kate Bush and Bowie also inspire the band and help them keep freshness and individuality.

Guitarist Johnny Hammond explained: “We as musicians take influence from so many artists, but write what we are feeling at the time, which is why we diversify our material, from stripped-back acoustic arrangements to upbeat modern tracks like ‘When We Were Young’ — it’s just how we write, and everyone seems to be behind that…

EP 3.0 will be released September 22 2017

Link: https://www.facebook.com/thetarotrats/

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