MOLLIE MARRIOTT — Truth is a Wolf

MOLLIE MARRIOTT, the talented daughter of former singer and guitarist of Small Faces and Humble Pie Steve Marriott and stepdaughter of singer Joe Brown releases her album “Truth is a Wolf” this November.

Until now Mollie has spent her musical career on the wings, having worked primarily as a supporting singer with many artists, including Oasis and her stepfather, Joe Brown’s band and, over the years, has shared stages with The Who, Mick Hucknall, Jeff Beck and sang backing vocals at The Faces 2015 reunion. She’s performed alongside Robert Plant, Van Morrison, Mark Knopfler and Imelda May to celebrate Bill Wyman’s 80th birthday, and also toured with Paul Weller and Wilko Johnson.

Mollie collaborated with Paul Weller on the album’s title track “Truth Is A Wolf” as well as “King Of Hearts.”

I went to Nashville to start writing the album...” says Mollie. “The title track [was going to get given] to Bonnie Raitt or Susan Tedeschi […] I heard the demo and thought it summed up my album, what a perfect song...”

Mollie Marriott – like a voracious Lakota wolf-kitten… Photo Credit © Rob Blackham

We had a listen to the record:

The single, “Control” (video below] is a marvellous marching, clapping, rockin’ blues number… with Gospel nuances and clever references to Humble Pie’s “Fool for a Pretty Face.”

Mollie offers a dramatic and reflective voice with warm pulpy tones and tons of genuine heart.

Truth is a Wolf” moves like a voracious Lakota wolf-kitten loping after a white-tailed meal along a shaded hazelnut creek. This Gary Nicholson/Bonnie Hayes number has disreputably sleazoid rhythms, sticky licks of guitar (from Paul Weller himself) and raunchy, hustling keys that envelope the full clout of those delicious moon tone vocals.

Grunge and a country waltz? Can it work? Yes it can! “Fortunate Fate” is, apparently, the first song Mollie ever wrote on guitar and here it becomes a big-time production.

With interlacing, parallel notes, descending planes and that amazing voice — it aviates from guttural soot ‘n’ nickel, right up to honeyed oxide ‘n’ fig in huge gliding sweeps. This is easily the cleverest song on the album, a strengthener and a refresher. What a positive doozy!

We also loved the frank cogitation found on the sleazy blues number “King of Hearts” with that chug-a-lug, humpin ‘beat and slow southern stroke. This song slurps, drags ‘n’ guzzles itself all over your skin.

With a voice like crème anglaise and aromatic anise, with lime stains to add flavor, Mollie is the real deal.

On this album she proves she’s a pureblood, luxury-blues catamount as she tests her strength, cunning and claws. And it’s true, she has grace, whiskers and attitude to deliver majestic beauty and emotional spectacle.

This is an expressive collection of significant blues songs. Wonderful.

Words: @neilmach 2017 ©
Images: Rob Blackham

Available for pre-order now and as Limited Edition red vinyl, deluxe CD and standard CD.

Mollie Tours with BAD TOUCH this November, dates below video.

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