San Diego, California-based hard-working musicians FANNY AND THE ATTA BOYS create an amalgam of sounds based around American roots, country swing, and depression era jazz, with a touch of classic blues.

Fanny from the Atta Boys – characteristic vocals…
Featuring vocals from Fanny and Natt Wise, the band are known for their light-hearted, lively sets.

Now the label Nocturna Sol is set to release some previously unreleased material. This includes the single titled “Entertain Me” (which was just featured in recent episode of Ray Donovan.)

It’s a plucky, smoky twang with shimmering beats and characteristic vocals.

It’s like finding a squeaky Bessie Smith doing a  vaudeville turn in the darker backroom areas of a blue-gray chat-bar on easy-street. In other words, this is irrepressible, nostalgic joy.


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