THE BAD FLOWERS — Starting Gun Album Review

THE BAD FLOWERS are a rock trio from Cannock, in the Midlands, UK who formed in 2014 and sit kinda halfway between Thunder and Bad Company. They are passionate about keeping alive the sounds and traditions of their Black Country rock heroes.

When we listened to their single “Thunder Child” [shared below] taken from the debut album titled “Starting Gun” due out Friday 16th February 2018 we described it as a “bucketful of stalwart bluesiness, with ever-fizzing guitars and intoxicating vocals...

“Dazzling sequins of light, a corrosive guitar riff, burbling-stew-pot bass-play & frenzied voice paroxysms…”
Following the success of the single, they’ve been selected by Planet Rock Radio as “One’s to watch…” and were invited to play alongside the Blues Pills at the Jazz Cafe Planet Rock Christmas Party last December.

We got the chance to listen to their new album —

It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog…” said Mark Twain and the trio of Karl Selickis (drums), Tom Leighton (lead vocals & guitar) and Dale Tonks (bass) certainly seem to possess more indomitable strength, angry flounce, and bite and mettle, than most.

So, on “Lions Blood” we get brilliant and bubbling manes of effervescent majesty and the tooth & claw of truly hungry predators. The guitar groans and purrs, the drums chomp, and the bass impulses this piece forward with a series of power strokes. Thrilling!

We know that the things you own end up owning you, and yet the “Rich Man” continues to gather-up his stack while others go without — he’s never satisfied, never properly content. So this ode to materialism is short and spiked. With an ungainly posture and corpulent, thick rhythms. You can feel the meaty weight of the guitar and the fleshy heft of the beat as this thing sweats and dribbles at you… like some kind of gigantic, heaving, rock ‘n’ roll pigasaurus.

Groovy-doovy ‘n’ dirty
Groovy-doovy ‘n’ dirty “Who Needs a Soul” boasts dazzling sequins of light, a corrosive guitar riff, burbling-stew-pot bass-play and frenzied voice paroxysms. This is neat and smooth and reminds us, somewhat, of Eliminator-era ZZ Top.

And then there’s the heavy roister of “Hurricane” with its pile driving’ beat and a whole lotta manly, bacon & chips masculinity. This has hunky sound-slabs, a deeply metrosexual voice [about halfway] and a pile of of hairy-palmed, battering-ram guitars that’ll make the crowd shout, sweat and holler when this is played live…

The Bad Flowers bring the spirit of adventure and true enthusiasm back to English rock with these numbers filled with hulking-great guitar riffs, grandiloquent drumming, and roaring vocals. Yep, it’s true, these lads are at the vanguard of another golden age of classic rock!

Words: @neilmach 2018 ©
Main Photo credit Terry Marland



22 – Brighton, The Haunt
24 – Islington, Assembly Hall
25 – Manchester, Club Academy
26 – Glasgow, G2
28 – Newcastle, Riverside

MARCH 2018

01- Nottingham, Rescue Rooms
02 – Pontypridd, Muni Arts Centre
03 – Birmingham, O2 Institute2
04 – Sheffield, Corporation
07 – Bristol, Fleece

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