DEWOLFF — Thrust + London Show

The Dutch psychedelic trio DEWOLFF will release their new album “Thrust” on May 4 through Mascot Records and to celebrate this event they will be playing a special show at The Black Heart, London on Tuesday, May 15th.

DeWolff, Thrust — zap and boogie…

The band was formed in the Netherlands in 2007 by brothers Pablo and Luka van de Poel with Robin Piso. They worked with award-winning Grammy producer Mark Neill [Black Keys] for their 2014 Grand Southern Electric release. At around that time they suggested they wanted to take their audiences back to a period when Zeppelin, Cream, Pink Floyd and Deep Purple dominated the world.

We had a listen to “Thrust” —

Track “Deceit & Woo” [shared below] written on the day of Trump’s inauguration, is a velvety-style rattlesnake of a song with precise and vivid percussion and voices flavored by the spirit of Mojo Risin.

There’s more zap and boogie in “California Burning” — a blues rock number with bass waves, synth swallows and guitar fizzes. This song is squelchier and slightly more psychedelic than the others, with some ingenious Al Jardine-style vocal moments.

The release is fantastic news for all psych stoner rock fans or just anyone who wants to re-live those “Strange Days” circa 1967.


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