SHAMAN’S HARVEST — The Devil In Our Wake

Missouri rockers SHAMAN’S HARVEST have released a video for The Devil In Our Wake, taken from their new album Red Hands Black Deeds.

The album is the follow up to their 2014 release Smokin’ Hearts & Broken Guns, which surpassed an incredible 30.8 million streams worldwide and has also seen the band tour with the likes of Nickelback and AC/DC. They will soon be touring the states playing shows with Black Stone Cherry, Mark Tremonti, Five Finger Death Punch and Shinedown.

A distorted fire-fly riff lumbers into view… offertory and blackened with the smell of ruin…

The new album ranges from threatening and persistent vibrations to quieter and more penetrable moments. Lyrically, the band also advances into new thematic areas, to address political, social and economic issues as their nation struggles to adapt to a new administration.

The band, consisting of singer Nathan Hunt, bassist Matt Fisher, rhythm guitarist Josh Hamler, lead guitarist Derrick Shipp, and drummer Adam Zemanek — simply didn’t want to use anything digital, and when a certain effect was needed they approached the process creatively, coming up with solutions to reach a realized vision

Singer Nathan Hunt says, “We used analog effects pedals and vintage amps. It was kind of like trying to find the melting point between Midwest and L.A. It still has the Shaman’s Harvest Midwest vibe to it, but it definitely has organic L.A. written all over it.”

Guitarist Josh Hamler adds, “Goat toes are the new cowbells. We’d tell Keith we wanted a certain sound, and he’d pull stuff out that we never thought of, like the goat toes we used on “Blood Trophies” and “A Longer View” or sandpaper on ‘Scavengers’.

We listened to “The Devil In Our Wake” —

A distorted fire-fly riff lumbers into view… offertory and blackened with the smell of ruin.

Then another guitar chirrups into the musical landscape and vibrates with the suction power of oozing delta-mud — this is perhaps used figuratively to depict the sucking-down of yet another wounded hero into a mire of grief.

All this, while the voice laments: sometimes a grumble, often a deep moan of lasting pain.

This is a flaming misere before the inevitable Final Judgment must come…



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