The sensational Edinburgh born, London based, dirty-pop artist ELLE EXXE has been singing and performing her songs since she was fifteen. On stage, she is an artist of unlimited energy with a magnetic interpretation and a convincing voice that adapts to her catchy electro / rock / pop sounds.

She won The Unsigned Music Award [ UMA ] in 2016 for Best Female Solo Act.

Elle Exxe – inner strength and robust vigour…

Such is her dedication to her art, she reportedly cancelled her own wedding to to perform during the weekend of Festival V in 2017.

The singer has now released a video for her brand new single “Queen.” The all-female produced feminist anthem was mastered by Katie Tavini (Sonic Boom Six) and mixed by Olga Fitzroy (Dua Lipa.)

The video collects home-made footage from female fans, and includes famous athletes, gold medal winning Paralympians, Olympians and TV personalities such as Clare Balding, Beth Tweddle, Gabby Logan, Rebecca Adlington, Hannah Crockfort, Menna Fitzpatrick, Jennifer Keho and many more, to celebrate empowerment.

Elle Exxe touches on an important issue here: Less than 15% of radio music is written by women and less than 2% is fully produced by women.

This club-friendly, catchy song has inner strength and robust vigour. Elle purrs — rather than shouts — her statements of intent.

It’s a song of shared power and athletic/creative self-sufficiency. However, it has a smooth texture and soft footprint, with processed vocal effects and tight rhythm patterns. So don’t expect this to be a triumphant blast… it’s more intense and intimate than that….

Self doubt’s your only enemy…

The message is clear: stay strong and keep doing what you do. And do it for yourself.

Link: https://www.facebook.com/ElleExxe/

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