CHARLIE HOLE — Ballad of Anne Beverley

Born and raised in the coastal city of Bournemouth, United Kingdom, the story of CHARLIE HOLE began when he heard Damien Rice’s ‘O’ at the age of 14.

From that first listening, his desire to reach the same emotional depths became evident; and soon he was realizing his ability to create emotional and brave tracks, learning and evolving all the time.

Dusty rhythms and thoughtful lyrics…

After an occasional meeting with respected guitarist and producer Jim Cregan (Rod Stewart, Katie Melua, Family) the couple began working closely together, with Jim as Charlie’s mentor and teaching him about the world of songwriting while driving Charlie to develop his own style and sound.

Finding comfort in beautifully crafted words nestled inside effortless melodies, Charlie Hole is now one of the most exciting young singer-songwriters on the scene.

With a courageous and honest voice, he tackles topics that can be related to any audience. Rod Stewart has already tipped Charlie as an emerging talent with a gift for writing “beautiful songs”.

The first single from his upcoming album Beautiful Decay is released this week: “The Ballad Of Anne Beverley.

It is the tragic story of the mother of one of the most notorious punks of all time: Sid Vicious. It’s a swaying bar-room lament that swings gently with dusty rhythms and thoughtful lyrics. If you blend Michael Rosenberg with Frankie Miller this is what you get…

The new single “The Ballad of Anne Beverley” is out this Friday — June 8th

While you wait, check the official lyric video (below) from last year’s single “The City”


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