ROBERT BERRY + KEITH EMERSON — Somebody’s Watching

The close working relationship between legendary keyboardist KEITH EMERSON and singer and multi-instrumentalist ROBERT BERRY [Hush, Ambrosia, Alliance] began in 1987.

The jubilant & brilliant spirit of Emerson… Photo Credit: credit Mari Kawaguchi

The iconic manager Brian Lane (Yes, Asia, A-Ha, It Bites etc.) and Carl Palmer organized a meeting between the two prolific musicians. The plan was to form a more melodic and song-oriented band (compared to ELP) which would allow Emerson, Berry and Palmer to follow in the footsteps of the success that Asia and GTR were enjoying at that period.

The result of that collaboration between Emerson, Berry and Palmer was the band “3” and the album “…To The Power of Three” released worldwide by Geffen Records in 1988.

In October 2015, conversations began on a new “3” album between Robert Berry and the Frontiers President about the long delayed 3 follow up album.

Everything was set. Song ideas, studio time, record contract… and then, that dark day. Emerson’s untimely death made the album an uncertainty. Robert was left with Keith Emerson’s final musical ideas for the project. From old cassette tapes, keyboard parts written over the phone, to long discussions about style, the framework of the album was set and ready to be produced. After several months of mourning and contemplation about what to do with these songs and musical fragments of Emerson, Robert decided to resume work on the material he had created and make a song that would finally be an appropriate tribute to Keith.

3.2 The Rules Have Changed – infectious buoyancy…

The final result is 3.2 — a reboot of the original “3” project, centres on Robert Berry’s amazing talents. The album was recorded by Berry who played EVERY instrument on it and features collaborations and compositions by the late Keith Emerson himself. The new album consists of some past “3” writing from 1988, with some newly written last efforts by Keith, as well as some songs written exclusively by Berry. This is a record that deserves to be heard by each and every fan and includes several exquisite musical parts, which every progressive music fan will be delighted to indulge in.

Somebody’s Watching” is the first track to be taken from the album [shared below] —

This number perfectly captures the jubilant and brilliant spirit of Emerson, with very ornate keys, grandiloquent percussion and a cool-air of infectious buoyancy.

So fans do not need to lament any longer for ELP — instead Keith Emerson fans should seek this out, to celebrate and memorialise the prog-rock, supergroup, hero…

An outstanding accomplishment.

Robert Berry & Keith Emerson 3.2 The Rules Have Changed — out 10th August


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