RISE AGAINST — Megaphone

By scorning the way the world has been run for such a lengthy period, Chicago punks RISE AGAINST push their political angst towards the hierarchy in a way which is poetic and real.

As a collective, they want to pull down the shutters on world hunger, war mongers that manipulate and cordon off compassion. Proving themselves as pioneers of political music has taken years, but now the brash band know how to lift crowds and aid many in their pursuit of recovery.

Rise Against – compassionate, passionate, explosive…

The band, echoing their voices in the coliseum of love and trust, are formidable in their musical output. In addition, they’ve created album after album of compassionate, passionate, explosive songs which resonate thoroughly. Also, they’ve written directly to the people who are ruining the planet, with greed at the forefront.

Lead singer Tim McIlrath encourages togetherness through his art. The man has a mind of power, taking his band of Brothers through the motions of punk rock and rallying a cause. The whole band deserve to be applauded too, as they’re truly connecting with their fan-base through harsh, but melodic music.

The lyrics are potent… Photo Credit Shane Jones Photography

New track Megaphone highlights vividly the disturbances that are happening across the world. The video which accompanies the song [shared below] is a stark watch. The band scream for some sort of calm, they bellow for the chaos to halt, but the planet is stricken by guns and political naivety.

Megaphone opens like many other Rise Against scores. McIIrath begins to sing, his lungs open, his vocals strain, but he is a diamond in the rough, a singer-songwriter proving that he’s on the top of a heralded platform. The simple, rough, guitar riff is highly pleasing too, the lyrics are potent — like an espresso shot on the cusp of morning.

Lyrically Megaphone startles the heart. We’re given a poetic run through of McIIrath’s mind. If it could, his mind would shoot darts to knock out the unimaginative. He really is that good, so talented, so assertive. Prettiness isn’t his forte, it’s all screams and battle-hard words from this man.

Megaphone is another message from Rise Against. A song which conveys a fable that is layered in the absolute truth. Yet again this band, from the City of Chicago pinpoint why we’re all dancing dangerously through the modern age. It gives us an insight — and it isn’t immaculately dressed.

Words: Mark McConville 2018 ©
Link: https://www.facebook.com/riseagainst/

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