A band that features former Black Crowes members Rich Robinson, Sven Pipien and Marc Ford — THE MAGPIE SALUTE — have released the second track “For The Wind” from their debut album: “High Water I” out 10th August 2018 via Provogue / Mascot Label Group.

The Magpie Salute – a flavourful piece of philosophical honesty…

Rich Robinson says: “For the wind is a song that took a long way around to come to fruition. I wrote it years ago, and it took the right band to do it justice. Now it has a great home with Magpie.”

John Hogg added: “It’s like this person can see that every terrible thing in his world has been reversed, defeated and left behind. It’s not hopeful or expectant, it’s more than that…a full-on realisation described by one of the victors…”

The track is a chilled and flavourful piece of philosophical honesty that hums gently at first, with superior vocals — then becomes alive with a swaying & almost boogying beat.

The band was established by guitarist Rich Robinson with guitarist Marc Ford and bassist Sven Pipi, with vocalist John Hogg [Hookah Brown] keyboardist Matt Slocum [Susan Tedeschi] and drummer Joe Magistro [Rich Robinson.]the

High Water II is due in 2019.


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