DELHIA DE FRANCE — Waterfalls from Moirai EP

The collaborating artist, producer, composer and visual performer — DELHIA DE FRANCE [Franziska Grohmann] has announced her emotional, soulful and dark electronica debut EP titled “Moirai.”

A provocative platform for Delhia’s naturally melodious vocal art…

Written and produced with a long-standing musical confederate, the German electronic music composer / producer ROBOT KOCH, the stimulating, rhythmic and mystically allegorical musical backdrop offers a provocative platform for Delhia’s naturally melodious vocal art.

The mysterious title refers to Moirai [ the Fates] — the three Greek sister-goddesses who weave time… and thus the inevitable destiny of Humanity. These — Clotho (spinner), Lachesis (allotter) and Atropos (inevitable) — represent divine feminine power: “I feel drawn to Greek mythology because it’s an endless source of imagery explaining mundane concepts in a beautifully poetic way, making them something divine…” says Delhia.

I like shaping the sounds to be organic and fluid and sensual; yet dark and raw. Kind of a balance of feminine and masculine energies. I am interested in exploring the space in between things, the texture, the hues, the twilight zone and contrasts. A semipermeable layer of exchange, a sensory experiences that is accessible yet needs to be found.

Waterfalls” from the EP [shared below] has tilting corrugators and restless, unsafe grip-beats. The voice is wickedly thin and perversely sharp at times — like a sequined razor blade — it cuts through the weft of dark sound. Yes this might be shadowy, but it’s always angelic, always convincing.

Words: @neilmach 2018 ©


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