MARTIN BARRE — Roads Less Travelled

The highly influential Jethro Tull guitarist MARTIN BARRE whose solo on Aqualung is repeatedly voted as one of the top guitar solos of all time, releases his new album “Roads Less Travelled” on 1st September

reflects fifty years of an especially prestigious musical career…

Barre has formulated own distinctive style within the framework of Jethro Tull, and now his instantly recognizable and thoroughly original sounds form the basis of this album “Roads Less Travelled” with 11 original tracks, all by Barre, that reflect fifty years of an especially prestigious musical career.

Reflecting on the tracks & recording of the album, Barre says: “I’ve concentrated on improving my songwriting over the last few years and as a result, I am really pleased with this new CD. Although my playing has a lot of space in the music, I’ve worked a lot harder on the arrangements and lyrics.”

My goal is to have a CD that keeps the listener from beginning to end. “Roads Less Travelled” reflects my belief in taking music somewhere new.

The songs on the new album showcase Barre’s exceptional electric guitar, acoustic and mandolin play, aided by the talented Martin Barre Band that includes: Dan Crisp on vocals, Alan Thompson on bass, Darby Todd on drums, Becca Langsford vocals & backing vox, Josiah J on percussion & Hammond, Aaron Graham also on drums, Alex Hart on vocals & backing vox and Buster Cottam on “stand up” bass.

Roads Less Travelled – Release 1st September 2018
Catalogue no: GAR0001

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