Punk has been given a makeover here: Bristol/Newport band SECOND HAND ARMS DEALER thrust their music onto the punk grid and don’t intend to waste away.

Second Hand Arms Dealer – powerful in execution…

The act are on course to re-affirm with music which jolts the heart and wakes up your sleeping mind. It does so wonderfully, creating enough beauty… but also some darkness creeps out, covering ground, but not absorbing all the light…

And on single Nemesis the band pulverise ideals and add their own twists and melodies, and harmonies capable of brushing with greatness.

It’s a track powerful in its execution, with a chorus bubbling through the cracks and reassuring us that this outfit mean business.

That chorus is truly brilliant, empowering and infectious. It lifts spirits, but it also dazzles and will amaze the starry eyed. Although the music seems upbeat, there’s an undercurrent of emotion bursting through. Lyrically, the song tells tales of an unhinged mind and chaotic feelings. Envy is explored, hearts are colourless. It is a stark fable, but an interesting one, sparking a solemn insight.

Second Hand Arms Dealer have taken punk influences and have added their own unique blend. The swoop for glory is on.


Words: Mark Mcconville

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