COSMIC NINJA blast through the electro rock ranks and pulverise the norm with their new single Yeah Right.

Bubbling urgency spills over, creating a majestic sound, a sound of guitars melded together with a splash of electronica. Not many acts enforce this style, but Cosmic Ninja have become equipped and naturally accustomed to producing such entertaining and well-structured songs. By doing so, they’ve built a fan base and a reputation of being original…

Cosmic Ninja – an act who spearhead originality & honesty…

Establishing your band can be complex especially when there’s so many trying to win the crown. Being an act who spearhead originality and honesty, will win you hearts and minds. Cosmic Ninja definitely have done so, managing to keep the peace as well as being composed with their concepts. Intelligent music has fallen by the wayside somewhat over the years too, as some acts don’t fortify their sound. By not doing so, there is a chance they’ll fail. But thankfully Cosmic Ninja are a whimsical outfit baring their talents as songwriters.

Yeah Right is a diverse input by Cosmic Ninja. It’s imaginative and it’s up tempo, fast-paced, sound, is gratifying. Mixing genres isn’t easy, but this band have taken such pride in perfecting their style and musical muscle. The song is a mammoth effort combining great tone and melody with upbeat electronic balance, and vocally it stands out. Beneath it all there’s a story, a somewhat ruthless but cathartic fable aching to be heard.

And in a bustling music industry, where many bands fade away into nothingness — where hearts are crushed and minds are pressured — Cosmic Ninja prevail and have that touch of brilliance; and on the evidence of Yeah Right, they’re pushing the boundaries in the correct fashion.



Words: Mark Mcconville

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