FRANK TURNER — Honoured by Mayor of Seattle

The English folk/punk singer-songwriter FRANK TURNER believes in the value of kindness and the title of his latest album ‘Be More Kind’ reminds us of that…

Frank Turner – starting conversations about social good & kindness…

Frank will be playing Seattle on 7th September 2018 (at Seattle Moore Theater) and in honour of the event, the Mayor of Seattle, Washington, has declared that the day will be officially named: “Seattle, Be More Kind Day”.

As Frank Tweeted: “The mayor of Seattle has proclaimed Sept 7th as Be More Kind Day! I’ve partnered with @theworldisfun to start conversations about social good and kindness.”

“Visit and get involved by sharing the good you and your community are doing using #BeMoreKindDay...”

Frank has recently become a patron for WaterBear (Brighton’s new, state-of-the-art private music college), and he’ll be sharing his expertise and advice with students. Frank will also be cutting the ribbon at WaterBear’s official launch next month and giving a special performance to mark the occasion.

Here at WaterBear HQ, we’ve just heard the fantastic news that the mayor of Seattle […] has declared Be More Kind Day...” says Adam Bushell (CEO of WaterBear) “We think this is an amazing idea and fully deserved by such a great artist.”



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