Distortions and Perception from THE GOLDEN GRASS — Glorious American Hard Rock Reviewed Here

The 1970’s psychedelic prog jam band THE GOLDEN GRASS — think of sounds that incorporate the lush ease of Thin Lizzy with the rock party bang of King Diamond — are releasing a new album in April.

Coming Back Again” is the second album from the Brooklyn trio — mixing drifting rock’n’roll with short jets of soulful funk-boogie and augmentative, mind manifesting dizziness. Their music erupts with energy and positive emotion.

The Golden Grass - "the same dreamy quality you would expect from 1974 Jefferson Starship..."
The Golden Grass – “the same dreamy quality you would expect from 1974 Jefferson Starship…”

The new album starts with “Get it Together” and some extremely nice drummery.

A riff is set-up, but this breaks down in a cloud of sweet-smelling haziness. Then things get swishy and slightly distorted.

Voice calls are from behind satin curtains — whilst the fuzz guitar and the bass seems to come from beneath patchwork skirts and psychedelic throws. We loved the juxtaposition of voices and the intelligent mode. This is not only eminently listenable but also more enjoyable than an early morning doobie.

Reflections” is loose and frayed. Like a much-loved tie-dye shirt and worn loon pants. It has the same dreamy quality you would expect from 1974 Jefferson Starship.

All this is very gentle and smooth but we also get lots fire and energy on the album too. The album closer “See it Through” for example, reminds us of “Bold as Love” [Jimi Hendrix Experience 1967] with some interesting riffs and a lot of rebelious contortions.

Here is dreamy distortion and juddery perception… worthy of a place in your collection. For fans of The Allman Brothers Band and Grand Funk Railroad.

Words: @neilmach 2016 ©
Link: https://www.facebook.com/thegoldengrass


Coming Back Again
Listenable Records Release: 29 April 2016


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