Possessed & Troubled Yet Worryingly Agreeable — New BIRDEATSBABY Songs Reviewed Here

The Orchestral Indie Noir outfit from Brighton (UK) BIRDEATSBABY — whose sounds we have previously described as “side-show histrionics with gripping vocals, musical magic and a growing sense of portentous calamity…” are back with a double A-side single titled “NO MIRROR / BABY STEPS” out this April on Dead Round Eyes Records.

The band are also preparing for their fifth European tour to promote the new singles — they will be heading to Germany, Netherlands and Czech Republic — with a homecoming show in London on 30th April for the release party. [Details on poster]

Birdeatsbaby - "possessed and troubled..."
Birdeatsbaby – “possessed and troubled…”

We had a listen to the singles:

On “No Mirror” we are greeted with fluent piano that interrupts the early morning gloom before an ice cool vocal glints through the chinks…  (the clarity and the chill in the voice reminds us of Tarja Turunen.)

A dramatic crash beckons the intrigue of the orchestral arrangement. After the searing guitar, things are left dangling in white-space and starless sky … This is filled with ardor and intensity

Baby Steps” is cooler and perhaps has less voracious zeal.

Nevertheless, this song is still possessed and troubled … Agitated guitars twist around  tortured vocals. And the beat thumps like a fist against a guilty chest.

Sensational, preoccupied and worryingly agreeable… these sounds will rain down on your soul and play footise with your hidden anxieties … these shimmering songs will disturb your heart — possibly damaging the delicate tissues of your timid mind for ever …

Words: @neilmach 2016 ©
Link: https://www.facebook.com/birdeatsbaby/



Birdeatsbaby poster

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