THE SLUMDOGS — Cut The Conversation Short

THE SLUMDOGS, the 4-piece Blackpool UK band who signed to Gary Powell’s (The Libertines) label 25 Hour Convenience Store will release their new single “Cut The Conversation Short” on 3rd August.

The Slumdogs – precocious and razor-sharp…

Produced by Emily Lazar and Chris Allgood (Foo Fighters, The Killers, Haim) the dazzling new track is the perfect introduction to a band that have already been described as: “everything good about rock n roll music…

We had a listen:

With a heady burst of short, sharp, guitar stabs right from the go! and accompanying blasts of rapid rhythm — this song elbows itself centre-place to posture with more uninhibited attitude than an aggro boy on a special night out at Dingwall’s punk-club.

The precocious and, frankly, razor-sharp vocals are slightly ironic [think 1980’s era Undertones or perhaps John Otway] as the whole thing gallops along with unsuppressed energy…

Unquenchable:  5/5


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