The Seattle-based alt-pop four-piece BECOMING BRISTOL [consisting of brothers Britt Espinosa & Jack Espinosa with Tyler Mays and Manny Gounder] is about to release a new single titled “Brighter Days” — a song about the value of life — and that while everything may not be okay, there’s always a reason to move forward. The song is based on a real-life experience with suicide that the lead singer Britt Espinosa had with a friend.

Brighter Days – not a trembling ode but a brave hand…
In support of the Suicide Awareness and Prevention Month, Becoming Bristol will donate 100% of all single sales and streaming revenue to a charity called “Anthem of Hope”. Anthem of Hope combats suicide through special training programs, 24/7 crisis lines, and community groups.

With chippy beats that fantail over swirly rainlike sheets, the vocal pushes forward on its own and is reminsicent of Matt Thiessen [Relient K] — in other words, this is lyrically serious, super-elastic, insightful — but also slightly vulnerable. This is not a trembling ode but a brave hand on a shoulder. A song of recognition and understanding…

The single was produced and mixed by Brooks Paschal at Mockingbird Studios.


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