ELIZA SHADDAD draws on a well-defined abundance of creative resources for her art.

A descendent of a long line of artists and poets dating back to the 1800s — Eliza’s great great grandfather was James Paterson, one of the Glasgow Boys — a group of artists who challenged the style and subject of late Victorian Scottish painting.

Eliza Shaddad – dusty feelings invoked and a beat that digs deep…

Her husky-moist voice is always so dark and oh-so mothy — and her wondrously crafted songs are so spellbinding — that she’s one of our favourite alt-rock singer songwriters in the world right now. We’re very pleased to share the news that Eliza has announced details of her long-awaited debut album “Future”.

Recorded in the same isolated studio in Devon UK where she worked on her “Run” & “Waters” EPs with Mercury-nominated longtime collaborator Chris Bond, new album ‘Future’ is be released on the 26th of October via Beatnik Creative and will include a set of songs that assert her true self-hood.

This Is My Cue’ was released this week, it’s the first single to be taken from Future, and it’s a twirling, ever-swirly, and spiky thing — with dusty feelings invoked and a beat that digs deep into the tender longing of a passionate heart…

Eliza Shaddad is supported by PRS Foundation and Help Musicians.

Link: https://www.facebook.com/ElizaShaddad/

Main image, Picture Credit: Mel Tjeong

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