The London-based collective MODERATE REBELS have released their new single ‘I Love Today’, taken from the second album ‘Shared Values’ due out 30th November on Everyday Life Recordings.

Moderate Rebels, I Love Today… brings a sense of tension…

Unlike the previous chant-like single ‘Beyond Hidden Words’ [released in June 2018] which was noncompliant, insistent and yet, somehow, optimistic, ‘I Love Today’ is a shift in style. It has verses, choruses and even a middle eight section… And Moderate Rebels say they: “still don’t know if this song is optimistic or not”. Why don’t you have a listen [track shared below] and see what you think?

The Moderate Rebels says: “Both ‘I Love Today’ and ‘Beyond Hidden Words’ were made without us knowing what musically they exactly are… Or even letting that particular question really get involved in their making. We’re quite comfortable saying that we didn’t know what we were doing.

To our ears ‘I Love Today’ is chaotic, falling apart, off at a tangent and nearly glam. Perhaps set in an old fashioned social club. A faint trace of The Equals, The Foundations, Edison Lighthouse etc… An attempt at a big singalong number, but heard through broken, smudged windows and with a sense of tension. But we’re mostly guessing to be honest – there was no conscious intention of any of that by us.”

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