GHOST — Dance Macabre Carpenter Brut Remix

Imagine the unholy horror that would be borne from an unspeakable wedlock between GHOST and the 1980s Norwegian synthpop act A-HA. Impossible? No.  Truly  mind-blowing? Yes.

A ghastly abomination? Probably.

So, how did this happen?

Ghost Dance Macabre – unspeakable wedlock ?

With 15-million streams worldwide, “Dance Macabre” is already one of the most popular tracks from  Prequelle, the new album from Grammy Award-winning Swedish hard rockers Ghost.

But today, “Dance Macabre” has been reborn with a provocative 1980’s sounding remix by the eclectic & mysterious French synthwave band Carpenter Brut. Check the video below.

I’ve been a big fan of Ghost since their beginning,” said Carpenter Brut, “and when I had the opportunity to open for the band in 2016, I was super excited.  Last April, I received an email from Tobias himself asking if I would remix ‘Dance Macabre,’ and of course I accepted.  I wanted to bring a funky and disco touch, not just confine myself to the pure synthwave style that would have been expected, but to make this remix a disco rock song and bring out the pop side of the band that is always underlying in their music.

Tobias Forge, Ghost’s mastermind, is a long-time Carpenter Brut fan, and invited them to fill the support spot on Ghost’s Fall 2016 tour.  Forge always felt that “Dance Macabre” was a song he wanted to do a remix of and Carpenter Brut was his first choice.

After a sold-out Royal Albert Hall show in London, the band will set off on their “A Pale Tour Named Death” with the North American leg starting in Dallas, TX on October 25.  The North American trek includes two headline arena shows, The Forum in Los Angeles, and New York City’s Barclays Center.

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