JAWBONE — Debut Album

JAWBONE are an exciting new rock ‘n’ roll quartet based in London, UK. They self-release their eponymous debut album on Friday 9th November 2018.

Beginning as a collaboration between established solo artists Paddy Milner (keyboards, vocals) and Marcus Bonfanti (TEN YEARS AFTER – guitar, vocals) —the band duo were joined by the renowned rhythm section of Rex Horan (bass, vocals) and Evan Jenkins (drums, percussion). Jawbone quickly became a band with a unique sound focused on delivering strong songs.

They’re named after a Robertson/Manuel song taken from The Band’s second (brown) 1969 album and they tracked all the songs for their new disc live, as a four piece, with minimal overdub at London’s State of The Ark Studio using the famous EMI desk originally installed in the Pathé Marconi studios in Paris.

We had a listen to the self-titled album —

Jawbone – chippity chop piano, slurs of organ & punchy horns…

Leave No Traces” was the first song they wrote together as a band. It’s huge, burpalicious and friendly. With a robust and resolute voice, chippity chop piano, slurs of organ and some punchy horns. This is ensemble rock ‘n’ roll at its finest.

Get What You Deserve” has a tight and grand vocal harmony. It starts off slightly abstractly, with lightly-fretted, dreamy guitar and woozy keys. Then the theatrical punch, in the style Gerard Kenny, is unleashed with a large amount of swinging vigour… This number is filled with adult contemporary ambition. If you visited a rustic road-house on a foggy evening in 1953 — I would not be surprised if you heard this number being played!

Perhaps inspired by the HBO crime drama series The Sopranos — “Family Man” with its sweeping piano, and whining guitars — has the kind of tarnished splendor you might find down Lenox Avenue on any given “Celebrity Night.” It is full of clever tropes, neat vocals and stuffed with harmonic character… in other words, it’s grandacious.

Jawbone – sullied pub-rock swagger… Photo Credit Rob Blackham

Big Old Smoke” is about living in London and has tin-plate, bottle neck guitar and sullied pub-rock swagger. The chirpy lyrics (was he really born in a hackney carriage?) are about the only thing that’s vaguely “rockney” about this number. Although it’s clear it shares some boogie-woogie ancestry with Chas ‘n’ Dave. But that is where the similarities end (thank God, some might claim)…

Nah, this is more Kilburn and the High Roads conjoined, strangely yet craftily, with the exuberance & flamboyancy of the Kursaal Flyers to create something that’s really different… something that’s rock-country blessed, based on the blues, and with a slightly punk lyrical content and imbued with jazz influences. You’d have to think: Chris Difford era “Squeeze” to get even close to what’s going on here…

So the songs on this fab album are all splendidly danceable, and presented with great rhythm & style. The songtracks should appeal to grown-up bobby soxers, old-timer parade-hounds and any mature Londoner who enjoyed Ian Dury back when… and who wished that lush-rock never faded away…

Words: @neilmach 2018 ©
Main Picture: Credit © Rob Blackham
Check the JAWBOPNE 2018 European LIVE DATES below video.
Jawbone is released Friday 9th November 2018

Link: https://www.facebook.com/jawboneband


2018 European LIVE DATES

10/10/2018 – Divadlo, Kolín, Czech Republic
11/10/2018 – Varnsdorf, Czech Republic
13/10/2018 – Jazzclub, Teplice, Czech Republic
15/10/2018 – Knihovna, Most, Czech Republic
16/10/2018 – Pivarium, Zatec, Czech Republic
17/10/2018 – Stará pekárna, Brno, Czech Republic
18/10/2018 – Prerov, Czech Republic
19/10/2018 – Jih, Ostrava, Czech Republic
20/10/2018 – Bounty, Olomouc, Czech Republic
22/10/2018 – Valasske Meririci, Czech Republic
23/10/2018 – Vyskov, Czech Republic
24/10/2018 – Boskovice, Czech Republic
02/11/2018 – Sala X, Seville, Spain
03/11/2018 – Teatro, Don Benito, Spain
04/11/2018 – Zagal, Aldeamayor, Spain
06/11/2018 – Sala Berlin, Madrid, Spain
07/11/2018 – La Iguana, Vigo, Spain
08/11/2018 – Almacen Little Bobby, Santander, Spain
09/11/2018 – Udazkenablues, Buried, Spain
10/11/2018 – Lleida, Spain
11/11/2018 – Eibar, Spain

One Comment

  1. Andrew Dow

    A wonderfully graceful,warm, woody organic feeling album, as if cut live in a log cabin out in the sticks. “Leave No Traces” is a gloriously optimistic opener, and from there on, it’s four musicians playing only for the music. Jawbone treat solo’s as embellishments of the song, not opportunities for showing off. Both Paddy and Marcus really can play, while Rex and Mr Jenkins hold everything down just loosely enough for it to swing.

    The roots rock / americana / classic rock arena just had a real heavyweight champion contender enter the ring. These guys can only go one way.

    Don’t take too long with that “difficult” second album. boys.

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