MODEL SOCIETY — Public Service

London punk starlets MODEL SOCIETY embrace the DIY ethic on their single Public Service. The band are also ruthless here — sending signals of discontent, and taking influence from acts such as The Clash and The Sex Pistols.

Taken from eras where war and wounds  showcased…

Their sound is a blast from the past too, taken from eras where war and wounds were showcased. The band want progress and want to see the world discontinue its greed and resoluteness, they crave peace and scorn disparity. Over the course of the song, we’re taken into the minds of this intelligent, forward thinking outfit, who know what love stands for, who know how to use music as a medication, a formula, to bring forward gratitude instead of repent.

The lyrical content sparks, blasts open thoughts. It has been intricately composed to create talking points. Inside the heads of this act, words are designed and melded together to tell tales of unrest. We’re the witnesses of such honesty and clarity, sources of good being programmed and let free. Although, the world is messy place, a land corrupt by lords of repentance. But we have songs like Public Service to give us an insight into the brewing storm.

Musically the track points to the punk riff. That well balanced sequence. The vocals are brilliantly implemented, enforcing that verbal focus. It is song of substance, a contribution that has been built up in stages, layer by layer, fundamentally pushing at the pulse. And if you’re looking for a track which alerts the senses, then Public Service is your antidote.

Words: Mark Mcconville


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