BaK — Dasha Hara

The enigmatic Australian ethno-prog project BaK is scheduled to launch its first music in the United Kingdom on November 30, 2018.

BaK – full of anxiety and general bewilderment…

BaK create an intricate fusion of progressive rock with strong ethnic themes taken from Indian and the Middle Eastern traditional sounds… a combination of the traditional folk-sound found on the sub-continent, with mysterious vocals and a brand of circumspect rock/metal occasionally making its presence felt.

Dasha Hara, the prize-winning video is shared below, is like listening to Peter Sellers ying-tonging himself around a trendy party in Beverly Hills, California circa 1966… thus is full of anxiety and general bewilderment.

And although there are modern electronics here, the vibe is most likely a lengthy visit to a quirky curry house on the wrong side of the tracks… or the theme-music to a running-gag movie such as Mike Myers’ The Love Guru.

The film was awarded Best Musical Video (Other) at The Indie Gathering, Award for Excellence in the Best Short Film Festival, among 16 nominations and 8 wins… so it can’t be that odd. Can it?

Archive under: rare rock genres


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