TOMORROW IS LOST — The Shadowman

The TOMORROW IS LOST EP  “The Shadowman” is finally here.

The disc contains two re-worked previously released tracks and three spanking new tracks.

The Newcastle Upon Tyne classic rock band that boasts Cass King on lead vocals with her shadowgang: Joe Mac (guitar) Ryan O’Hara (guitar) Adam Clements (bass) and Marc Rush (drums)

Shadowman – metabolic impulse, invincible madness & unstoppable energy…

It begins with the adamant hammer-wave that is: “We Are The Lost” that has metabolic impulse, invincible madness and unstoppable energy in every fibre.

And, of course, the vocal agility is so dusty, so aggravated and so proud… oh my God, it is so good. The best rock anthem we’ve heard all year!

Insane” begins slower, and gives us the opportunity to reflect on the singer’s range and performance: it is part husky grizzle and part dusty angel… but the voice comes with dragon wings of inescapable power. This is a dignified and magnificent ballad with superior percussive elements.

Cass King – her voice comes with dragon wings of inescapable destructive power…

Fizzy “Rapture” [shared below] has a roasted riff and blading guitars, with steam turbines of rhythm. Here, the fine fettled voice has substantial and effective energy, but is always regulated and modified so it never feels forced or exaggerated. One of the best tracks on the disc!

File with One Last Run or, if you must, Halestorm

Words: @neilmach 2018 ©


Get it here:

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