BEAUTY IN CHAOS is a new superband project curated by LA-based guitarist & Schecter Guitar Research President MICHAEL CIRAVOLO [Human Drama] and produced by MICHAEL ROZON [New Age of Terror].

Beauty In Chaos – heartfelt, paranormal, crankmonster riffs…

The project boasts members from The Mission [Wayne Hussey] Cheap Trick [Robin Zander] , The Cure [Simon Gallup], Gene Loves Jezebel [Michael Aston], The Offspring [Pete Parada], Kings X [ dUg Pinnick], The Awakening [Ashton Nyte] and delicious offerings from many, many others.

Now, from the new album, the outfit have released a powerful version of the T. REX classic 20th CENTURY BOY featuring MINISTRY-man AL JOURGENSEN on vocals & blues harp .

The new single is a rasping, gruff version of the famous Bolan boogie, with MICHAEL ROZON on bass guitar & percussion giving the familiar heartfelt, paranormal crankmonster riff a new lease-of-life and an entirely new ash-black & voodoo dimension.

The result is a tinplate, iron-coated groover and, until the broken-hearted, motor jive of the sweetie-sweetie chorus, the number has a more agitated attitude than Lemmy getting plastered at an unruly Venom convention.

Earlier this year the project released “Man of Faith” feat. Wayne Hussey of The Mission and Simon Gallup of The Cure, “Storm” feat. Ashton Nyte (The Awakening, MGT) and “Look Up” feat. Tish Ciravolo all from the album FINDING BEAUTY IN CHAOS out now via 33.3 Music Collective.

The video for ‘20th Century Boy’ was produced by Industrialism Films and directed by Vicente Cordero, who said, “Working again with Beauty In Chaos and Michael is always a pleasant adventure […] When we made the video we wanted to go with a raw feel so we decided to film in a seedy bar and have a high energy performance, and Al Jourgensen and BIC did deliver…

This was a song I always wanted to cover, and finding out Al was also a T. Rex fan turned on the light for me to do this,” Michael Ciravolo explained.


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