CHEMTRAILS — Live Shows inc. E.P. Launch

London’s lo-fi psychedelic ‘n’ glam pop/garage rock band CHEMTRAILS have a bunch of dates including a launch party for their Cuckoo Spit E.P. [see poster below]

Triumphant, sun-bleached and woozy…

The band comprises of Mia Lust (guitar, vocals), Laura Orlova (guitar, vocals), Laura Sumner/Dario Papavassiliou (bass, vocals), Viki Steiri (keyboard) and David Mayman (drums).

The new E.P. is awash with triumphant, sun-bleached, woozy vocals and comes with a definite surf-side, beach rock ‘n’ roll atmosphere and with so-soft, so-warm rhythms under profusely cascading sounds… in other words this is the Shangri-Las for Generation Z.

Check the “Vultures” track from the E.P. [below]



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