JESSICA PRATT — Quiet Signs out Feb 8th

American musician, singer-songwriter and folk guitarist JESSICA PRATT will release her third album titled “Quiet Signs” on 8 February via City Slang.

Caresses the ebb, fade and wane of life’s little undertows…

The third single taken from the new album, titled “Aeroplane” [shared below], finds Jessica high above her city, considering the lights below. The music follows the flight of fancy, elevating itself on an uncomplicated guitar riff. It’s Jessica’s first electric song, and another example of the delicate elaboration of her sound.

Quiet Signs” is Jessica’s first album fully recorded in a professional studio setting, her songs and guitar arrangements have been pruned to allow only what is indispensable.

The album begins with ‘Opening Night’, a nod to Gena Rowlands’ agonizing, yet magnificent performance in the John Cassavetes film of the same name. Others, such as like ‘Fare Thee Well’ and ‘Poly Blue’ contain inklings of On Your Own Love Again’s [2015 ] blurred afternoons…  with fragile flute, clever string plus piano and organ arrangements and that motion to the luxuriant chamber pop & hidden desire of American baroque poppers The Left Banke.

The album was written in Los Angeles and recorded at Gary’s Electric in Brooklyn, NY over 2017/2018. It was co-produced by Al Carlson, who contributes flute, organ and piano. Matt McDermott also played piano and string synthesizer.

“Aeroplane” [see below] is a song of lulling beauty that caresses the ebb, fade and wane of life’s little undertows & eddies without the struggles that make things seem, at least on the surface, so hectic. Hypnotizing.

Main Photo credit: Guillaume Belvez


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