The Eastbourne-based South-Coast UK alt-rockers SAINT APACHE will release their third E.P. Black Days on 22nd February 2019 and they are premiering their new video “Tory Man”.

High-tempo chaos

Black Days is a powerful 4-track EP that features Amongst Vultures, The Shameful, Strive to Survive and Tory Man. There’s physical forcefulness, wrath and strong belief in these tracks — as well as fully focused execution and accomplished musicianship: Thom Meredith’s natural vocals ride over Adam Oarton’s dynamic drums, Leo Burdett’s towering guitar and Ross Towner’s compelling bass.

Black Days shows the range of SAINT APACHE, from the speed and concentrated zip of  Amongst Vultures, the colossal guitar work and combative vocals of The Shameful, to the fascinating hooks and rhythms of Strive to Survive, then the politically-charged upheaval of Tory Man.

SAINT APACHE concerts are high-tempo chaos: “Our shows are hectic, to be honest,” they admit and proclaim, “They are everything that rock music should be about. Full frontal. In your face! A rock-show should be physical, and it should be off the cuff. That’s exactly how we do things.”

Tory Man (from Black Days – now released as a video) explores and expresses the artistic and political ideals of the band: “This is what we are about as a band: inequality, media lies, the double standards of those who rule us, and the legalisation of cannabis… These are the things we shout about. And when we come to perform, we explore them.”

The band’s political proclamations are backed-up by musical skills that draw from many genres: “Our music comes from our different backgrounds, but together we create face-to-face music that plays at punkish speed, and has the sick sound of hardcore with classic rock grooves too… combined with the energy, commitment and true message of early punk.”

Check out this powerful, rising band, with something to say and the musical skills to add energy to their ideals.




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