KATY HURT — Live in London

The esteemed and thoroughly “Revved Up” Long Island born country singer & songwriter KATY HURT has been touring with GANGSTAGRASS on their early 2019 UK tour.

Katy Hurt Photo Credit Neil Mach

2018 saw Katy nominated for “Best Country/Folk Act” at the Unsigned Music Awards as well as performing slots at festival such as Country 2 Country, BlackDeer, Rhythmtree, Cornbury and many more.

We checked-out her show out at the (downright ridiculous time of 7:15pm) in the London Garage this weekend.

Natchez” is moving and fascinating in its beauty. This song is a superior medium for Katy’s buttermilk & heart-warming voice that does not quite “fall to pieces” though it copes with all the soreness with a certain sense of peppiness and ginger.

Perhaps she doesn’t have that rich deep tone or the flat twangs of other country artists, but she delivers oodles of strength and can hold a note and spin-it-out hot … like a hickory smoked Nashborough pancake.

Katy later joined GangstaGrass on Stage…

We took two jeeps out into the Spanish desert to record “Revved Up...” she tells the half-assembled crowd who managed to get to the Garage early enough. The song is a doughty pluckathon about a heist, with twang-a-plenty, a kick-ass melody, lots of volume, and more sass than a sasquatch at a swagger convention.

The songs were cute ‘n’ catchy, the voice was impeccable, and the accompanying musicians were especially talented. This was a glorious spectacle.

Link: https://www.facebook.com/KatyHurtMusic/

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