ELLES BAILEY — Releases New Song Video

British Blues/Country/Americana singer-songwriter ELLES BAILEY — # 1 on the Amazon Blues Bestsellers list — releases her highly anticipated second album ‘Road I Call Home’ this weekend.The album accurately captures Elles’ raw live sound and can be incredibly intimate at times: filled with compositions that come packed with vital emotion.

Road I Call Home – filled with compositions that come with vital emotion…

The album includes contributions from co-writers of high caliber, including British hit-making legend and Ivor Novello Award winner Roger Cook, storied Memphis and Nashville giant Bobby Wood, as well as Dan Auerbach (of Akron, Ohio powerhouses The Black Keys).

As she releases a video for “Little Piece Of Heaven” [shared below] she remembers recording the disc: “Memphis legend Bobby Wood was one of first guys I met when I touched down in Tennessee.”

He took me under his wing and introduced me to so many folks in the Nashville Music Industry, one being Dan Auerbach.

The opportunity to work with Dan as well as Bobby on ‘Little Piece of Heaven’ was awesome as I love The Black Keys! Dan has such a talent for creating incredibly cool yet commercial songs. What’s more, working with both helped bring out another side to Elles Bailey that I am excited to share with my fans...”

Little Piece of Heaven’ tells it how it is for those who’ve loved touring musicians, and been loved by them. As Elles explains: “ ‘Little Piece of Heaven’ is a very honest song, as we have all been touring musicians at points in our lives, with significant others left at home.

We have described Elles’ lovely voice on the album as, “the sweet side of warm-amber and dark, chocolate-orange…

Little Piece of Heaven” is an emotion-stuffed ditty with a cheerfully bopping beat about the temporary letting go of one-another during time spent on the road….

Most musicians will tell you that this experience involves trust, anguish and forgiveness … it is never easy to deal with… and might also require the trade of dirty little secrets. But this song has happy and positive tones, and the video is charming, with a voice that trembles with the unmistakable frisson of chilled (but soon to be warmed-up) love.

Link: https://www.facebook.com/ellesbailey/
Read our album review here: ELLES BAILEY — Road I Call Home

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