The Australian classic rock band ELECTRIC MARY released their new studio album ‘Mother’ on 15th February via Listenable Records.

We already described the first single taken from the album, “Woman” as “a stunning slice of eager nostalgia stuffed to bursting with homesick riffs, springboard rhythms and gravel-cruncher vocals…”

“Gimme Love” is pure-hearted and straightforward in its assiduous yearning…

Although a short album, only eight tracks, it’s slightly Southern in ambition (think Blackfoot with the glamour of Silverhead} and although, of course, the songs are mighty tough, they’re a lot less aggressive than the snake-hipped, hard-man of rock images might suggest.

In fact “Gimme Love” is pure-hearted and straightforward in its assiduous yearning. Yeah, this is a leather jacket & sunglasses number … And yeah they play it as if they’re some kinda debauched rock ‘n’ rollers of a similar age and of equal sinuous insobriety to 1970s Led Zeppelin’s with all the crunching grindiness that comparison implies… but they perform it with a wonderful ‘n’ wheezy Dan McCafferty soulfulness as if lead-singer Rusty is rasping-out the verses after a make-up cuddle with his better half — albeit, with his head in a jar of fireflies… and during a sandstorm!

Hold Onto What You Got” has an uncombed, unkempt riff, unquenchable drums and some inanely feverish vocals. A rival concert opener to “Tie Your Mother Down” any day!

Sorry Baby” has a languorous pace with hand-embroidered guitars, a chunky bass and a clear voice that brings to mind the anti-war 60s anthem: “Stop Children What’s That Sound”. This is a song of guilt and attribution and, therefore, it’s a passionate and feverish belter — with heavy slugs of lemonade & vodka guitar and plenty of honky-tonk percussion.

If you want an album that brings images of desiccated heartache, discarded booze cans and shirtless men fighting on top of iron oxide sand-piles in a scorching sun… this is for you.

Link: https://www.facebook.com/electricmary/

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